This the original enjoyable and fun fully interactive explosive web experience on a virtual roadside that allows you to blow up paid-for billboards and advertising on the site! You won't find this unique experience anywhere else!

To fully enjoy this interactive experience, you must have a modern browser with JavaScript and CSS turned on. Download a better browser here.

  • You start with 10000 points
  • You get points when an object explodes. The smaller the object, the more points you get.
  • If an object goes off the screen, you lose points. The bigger the object, the more points you lose.
  • If you miss, then you may lose points
  • If you get enough points, you will unlock more weapons, and the billboards become more dense.
Click to shoot!
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Adjust speed: 1 2 3 4 5
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Use your own images to create really crazy and amusing roadsides of your own! Go to my testbed and try it today!