Note: I am not currently actively searching for a new job, and as a result the content of this resume isn't as polished as it might be if I were. However, this resume is still available here because its a very unique resume design, and I love showing it off. Enjoy.


Dustin Spicuzza


"Dustin solves very difficult problems, identifies them before anyone else does, has the initiative to solve them, socializes them with others to get solutions used, and helps build a community around his solutions." (2014 Performance Review)


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How can I help you?

  • I am creative, energetic, practical, and innovative
  • 5+ years as a technician has enhanced my problem solving and debugging skills
  • 9+ years cyber security related work has given me a well developed security mindset
  • 9+ years R&D experience has given me broad technical knowledge
  • Diverse programming background: x86 Assembly/C/C++ to C#/Java to python
  • Eager to share and absorb knowledge
  • Excellent technical writing skills
  • Passionate about open source software

What am I looking for?

  • A position that allows me to utilize my talents and technical leadership in an innovative, positive, and practical way
  • I want to design, create, and learn about new things
  • Looking to put my love of automation & software engineering to practical use

Interests & Proficiencies

  • Enjoys creating tools for self/others to use to do their jobs more effectively
  • Automating tasks, procedures, and objects
  • Low-level software and hardware development
  • Deep understanding of multithreaded operation and asynchronous design patterns
  • Operating system (Windows, Linux, other) internals and driver development
  • Embedded systems, microcontrollers, and robotics
  • Broad technical interests outside of my job
  • Extensive contributions to open source projects & communities
Curious | Innovative | Creative | Practical | Motivated | Collaborative | Prolific


  • Over a decade of professional experience working with computers & building software
  • Over 9 years working as software engineer in R&D environment
  • Over 8 years mentoring high school students on FIRST Robotics teams
  • Excellent customer service and technical writing skills
  • Creative, energetic, and motivated

Developer proficiencies

  • Application: C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Git, SVN, PyGTK, GStreamer
  • DevOps/Automation: Docker, GoCD, Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant, OpenStack
  • Platforms: Linux, OSX, Windows, Android
  • Web Technologies: HTML5, d3.js, jQuery, CSS, Python, MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Security: Prevention of XSS, buffer overflow, and SQL injection exploits; TCP/IP analysis
  • Assembly Language: x86 & Freescale HC12; IDA Pro & Hex-Rays Decompiler
  • Driver development: Windows Minifilter & various kernel internals

System Administration

  • Over a decade of experience configuring, deploying, troubleshooting Linux servers & VMs
  • Expert Windows Desktop knowledge: Windows 95 - Windows 8
  • Extensive experience using Docker/Ansible for automated cluster deployments


Bachelor of Science, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Western Michigan University: Kalamazoo, MI
  • Major: Computer Engineering; Minor: Computer Science, Mathematics; Graduated Dec. 2007


Scientist II

Cyber Security, BBN Technologies: Cambridge, MA 7/16 - Present
  • Reduced maintenance overhead of production system from 20 hours/week to 1 hour/week
  • Converted long manual deployment to quick automated process using Ansible and Terraform
  • Created custom Ansible plugins to enable smarter and faster deployments on Windows
  • Created tools to manipulate CORE Network Simulator IMN files
  • Created proxy that enables standard mail clients to retrieve mail via Outlook Web Access
  • Demonstrated migration of custom Docker tooling to multinode Kubernetes deployment
  • Modernized XML serialization in legacy C# project; implemented system monitoring dashboard using Razor MVC
  • Added task queue with realtime feedback page created with Riot.js

Scientist I

Cyber Security, BBN Technologies: Arlington, VA & Cambridge, MA 7/14 - 6/16
  • Worked at DARPA customer site on 60+ person team from various companies, recognized as key contributor
  • Created reusable build automation tools to simplify hundreds of GoCD pipelines and automate parallel deployments
  • Designed and built Docker-centric clustered SOA platform & associated integration testing/deployment tools
  • Built tools to allow all developers to run a clustered version of the system on their local machine via Docker
  • Extensive work using Tornado for asynchronous operations
  • Created incremental build Maven plugin for Avro
  • Socialized continuous delivery principles and developed patterns for easy integration testing and deployment
  • Developed software to translate Visio documents into semantically meaningful graph structures
  • Maintain portions of infrastructure as needed: Docker registry, Jenkins, pypi mirror, pypi internal repository
  • Implemented custom Zipkin tracing infrastructure to diagnose performance issues

Staff Engineer II

Cyber Security, BBN Technologies: Cambridge, MA & Arlington, VA 1/13 - 6/14
  • Create flexible cloud cluster deployment software leveraging libcloud and Chef
  • Help other developers use Vagrant, Chef, and Openstack more effectively
  • Support data analysis using open source graph database technologies
  • Built experimental tinkerpop graph database browser using d3.js and
  • Designed and built web-based document translation system using GWT, which is being refined for deployment to USFK

Staff Engineer

Cyber Security, BBN Technologies: Cambridge, MA 9/09 - 1/13
  • Assisted with preparing analysis data for customer critical to winning phase II of multi-million dollar project
  • Developed advanced image processing UI prototype using OpenCV/Python/PyGTK
  • Extensive work developing windows file system minifilter drivers
  • Performed semantic recovery work on Windows kernel to aid experimentation & development efforts
  • Developed tools to extract information from symbols files, custom symbol server DLL for WinDBG
  • Assisted team members with C++ modernization efforts & developer education
  • Helped design and implement software installation and tracking system using Django
  • Designed and implemented advanced analysis framework for gigabytes of data using Python & PostgreSQL
  • Training: Malware analysis, OSR File Systems, Windows Internals, Bug Hunting & Analysis 0x65 (RECON 2012)
  • Certified ScrumMaster by the Scrum Alliance (December 2012; expired)

Associate Engineer

Cyber Security, BBN Technologies: Cambridge, MA 1/08 - 9/09
  • Worked on network intrusion detection software for DARPA-funded Scalable Network Monitoring project
  • Primary implementer/designer of several attack detection sensors
  • Created comprehensive TCP/IP flow analysis tool, which provided useful insight about attack detection algorithms
  • Maintained & installed Windows/Linux desktops and servers, including TRAC/SVN project site
  • Collaborated with team members on key design and implementation issues
  • Redesigned key infrastructure implementation for ease of use and reliability
  • Created and maintained SQL database of output for quick results analysis
  • Mentored intern during Summer 08, teaching about C/C++, TCP/IP, and network security practices

LAN Support Specialist

Office of Information Technology, Western Michigan University: Kalamazoo, MI 9/03 - 12/07
  • 2007 WMU Student Employee of the Year (Nominee)
  • Independently developed and deployed automated programs that decreased lab setup time from 8-12 hours (with 3 technicians) to 1-3 hours (1 technician) for 120 computers
  • Created software solutions to automate many processes (update deployment, remote management)
  • Have full responsibility for managing software in 5 university computer labs, including a special needs lab
  • Member of student team that manages Linux-based print servers and Postgre databases for computer labs
  • Perform onsite repair and installation of faculty and staff PCs and printers
  • Removed adware and viruses using manual tools such as HijackThis, Autoruns, and Process Explorer (link)


Michigan American Legion Boys State: Lansing, MI 6/03 - 6/09
  • Created original professional look and design for site
  • Used Adobe InDesign to create 2006, 2007, and 2008 yearbooks for program
  • Created Onnac content management system to use with this site
  • Developed PHP/MySQL news storage and retrieval solution for Boys State newspaper
  • Created image posting/retrieval system to largely automate posting of images to site
  • Designed professional Flash presentation for recruiting purposes


Western Michigan University Bands: Kalamazoo, MI 9/06 - 12/07
  • Redesigned pre-html4 website to conform with XHTML and new University Web standards
  • Integrated with phpGraphy image gallery software

Various Independent Consulting

The Computer Guild: Kalamazoo, MI 5/07 - 8/07
  • Redesigned website to a modern look
  • Assisted with integration of Linux with business processes
  • Assisted with setup of Windows 2003 server/domain for client
Brian Feeney: Kalamazoo, MI 5/06 - 3/07
  • Created computer testing program for use in two psychology studies
  • Worked with customer to ensure testing program was easy to use and verified program accuracy
  • Integrated .NET technologies with Microsoft access for rapid development
Gabriel Searcy: Kalamazoo, MI 5/07 - 8/07
  • Assisted customer to develop a testing program to be used in masters psychology study
  • Taught customer Visual Basic .NET

Senior Computer Service Technician

SourceTech Computers (defunct): Grand Rapids, MI 10/01 - 8/03
  • Built custom and refurbished computer systems
  • Repaired various hardware and software problems on PCs
  • Supervised repair work of 4 technicians
  • Sold customers computer systems while helping them make informed buying decisions
  • Helped customers understand and solve technical problems


Control System Advisor

FIRST Robotics, New England District 2016, 2017
FIRST Robotics, Greater DC Regional 2014, 2015
  • Assists teams with robot control system issues, including software and electronics
  • Provide advanced troubleshooting support to teams at competition


FIRST Robotics, NEFIRST 2016 - Present
  • Working with multiple FRC teams teaching software engineering concepts
  • Presented workshops at NE FIRST University day on RobotPy, UI, and Image Processing

Mentor/Programming & Electronics Lead

FIRST Robotics, Team 2423 (Kwarqs): Watertown, MA 9/15 - 5/16
  • Introduced structured brainstorming concepts to design process
  • Worked with students on basic engineering concepts
  • Presented RobotPy programming seminar at New England kickoff event in 2016

Mentor/Programming & Electronics Lead

FIRST Robotics, Team 1418 (Vae Victus): Falls Church, VA 9/13 - 8/15
  • Worked with students on basic engineering concepts: Python, PID Controllers, Image Processing, Autonomous operation
  • Advised students on advanced software projects (Oculus Rift HUD, HTML5 operator interface)
  • Introduced students to automation concepts to ensure easy robot operation by drivers
  • Team placed 2nd of 50+ teams in two competitions in 2014, Industrial Design award
  • Innovation in Control award at 2015 DC Regional

Mentor/Programming & Electronics Lead

FIRST Robotics, Team 2423 (Kwarqs): Watertown, MA 9/08 - 9/13
  • Worked with students on basic engineering concepts: Automation, Python, C/C++, PID Controllers, Swerve Drive
  • Led development efforts that resulted in Innovation in Control award at 2012 & 2013 Boston Regional

Communications Team

Park Street Cafe: Boston, MA 11/09 - 9/13
  • Developed software to automatically create newsletters and disseminate information via automated reminders
  • Maintained website 11/09 - 9/11
  • Maintained social media page on Facebook

Founder and President

Students Against Wasteful Spending: Kalamazoo, MI 9/07 - 12/07
  • Created informative website and organized 1600 member facebook group
  • Coordinated media awareness, resulting in TV, radio, and newspaper appearances
  • Worked with high-level WMU officials


ECE 4810 Senior Design Project - Virtual Wire Interface

Supervising: Dr. Johnson Asumadu 1/07 - 12/07
  • Worked in a team to design workable specifications for project sponsor
  • Developed simulation of virtual wire interface to communicatively couple remote electrical circuits
  • Developed USB & SPI communications code on Cypress PSoC
  • Created advanced oscilloscope C# control for project

ECE 4900 Independent study - A Task Centered Embedded Computer Architecture

Supervising: Dr. Janos Grantner 4/06 - 8/06
  • Created computer simulation to test performance of hardware-based task switching functions
  • Modified SimpleScalar simulator for simulation purposes
  • Investigated previous work for paper

ECE 4510 Lab

With Dr. Janos Grantner 1/06 - 4/06
  • Developed working port of uC/OS-II RTOS for 9s12dp256 microcontroller
  • Created new labs utilizing uC/OS-II to teach students concepts of real-time operating systems
  • Wrote lab reference manual on operation of 9s12DPxxx controllers and NOICE/ICC12



RobotPy: 3/11 - Present
  • Porting and maintaining python libraries for robot control
  • Used pybind11 to wrap C++ libraries
  • Developed framework to simplify FRC robot programming via simple abstractions
  • Developed powerful abstraction to simplify autonomous mode state machine programming for students
  • Significant automation of RobotPy installation and deployment process via SSH
  • Developed PyFRC, which allows robot code to be run in a simulator on a PC, and facilitates unit testing
  • Developed pynetworktables, a distributed key/value store to communicate with a FRC robot
  • Developed pynetworktables2js, provides a HTML/Javascript control interface for FRC robots
  • Debugged/solved tricky lock race conditions in original C++ version of NetworkTables that were causing robot freezes for all teams


Exaile: 9/11 - Present
  • Added custom plugins: advanced music categorization software (GroupTagger), BPM counter, Preview Device
  • Reworked internals to accomodate simultaneous output to multiple audio devices
  • Lots of fixes for bugs filed by users
  • Significantly improved performance when using large music libraries
  • Rewrote audio engine to support crossfading, dynamic output switching, and ported to GStreamer 1.x
  • Created NSIS-based installer for Windows platforms
  • Ported to OSX, created installer for OSX

Contributor (commit access)

POI: 9/15 - Present
  • Contributed Visio OOXML parser readonly support
  • Various minor patches

Active Contributor (commit access)

RoadNav: 5/07 - 5/09
  • Redesigned map rendering code to be multithreaded
  • Fixed issues with GPS interface code
  • Complete overhaul of the backend map storage, including implementation of an advanced R* tree indexing solution

Active Contributor (commit access)

pGina (pluggable authentication for Windows): 6/05 - 12/07
  • Created first Windows Vista proof of concept for pGina
  • Designed and implemented advanced dynamic XML-based configuration application for pGina Vista
  • Added various patches and bug fixes (main project, LDAPAuth plugin)

Various projects/software

  • git-source-track, track source code changes between two repositories
  • pygi-composite-templates, GTK composite templates for python, create UI with less boilerplate!
  • greenado, provides greenlet-based pseudo-synchronous coroutines for tornado
  • pyhcl, implements a parser for HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) in Python
  • vagrant-rekey-ssh, replaces SSH keys on Vagrant VMs with a host-specific key (integrated into Vagrant mainline)
  • python-tesseract-sip, a python library wrapper around tesseract using SIP
  • pydsltool, A ruby-inspired python library to enable making simple domain specific languages
  • WebDMA, Allows you to interact with a C++ application via a custom embedded webserver via a Web 2.0 interface
  • onnac, simplistic advanced database-driven PHP templating content management system
  • Obsessive Website Statistics, provides a powerful and intuitive Web 2.0 interface to manipulate website log data

Patches for various projects

  • batfish: Various ANTLR parser fixes
  • zipkin: Show span JSON, highlight spans
  • pynsq: 20% performance improvement for sending messages
  • mjpg-streamer: Convert to cmake, contribute OpenCV plugin
  • pypiserver: allow pypiserver to service 10000+ packages efficiently
  • pyinstaller: Allow packaging of PyGObject/GTK applications; other
  • vagrant-openstack-plugin: automatic floating IP allocation
  • Apache Thrift: Improve tornado coroutine support
  • Xorg: Patch to allow arbitrary options to be passed to drivers via HAL hotplug functionality
  • Boost: various patches for asio/thread on vxWorks, minor patches for gcc shadow warnings
  • Codepress: Discovered security holes and submitted fixes for Codepress v0.8.x, and v0.9.x
  • Various minor patches to projects: libcloud, thrift, avro, tcpdump, OpenCV, others


The Virtual Roadside
Students Against Wasteful Spending
CS 4540 Carputer Project Homepage
Onnac Homepage
OWS Homepage
Michigan American Legion Boys State (no longer my design)
The Computer Guild (no longer my design)
WMU University Bands (no longer my design)