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Picture of carputer
Picture of my Linux-based carputer

The Virtual Roadside

The Virtual Roadside is the personal/professional website of Dustin Spicuzza, currently a software engineer in the Washington DC area. If you're interested in seeing my Gentoo Linux based car computer (actually, it uses Ubuntu Mobile Edition now, but I haven't gotten around to actually changing it yet), that's here too!

If you are looking for see a creative way to make a resume, my javascript & CSS enhanced HTML resume is a good place to start (currently not accepting any offers, thanks)!

Originally, I started this website to attempt to make money off of virtual billboards (thus the name, the Virtual Roadside). Unfortunately, that business venture didn't work out so well, but the website that was created as a result was pretty interesting! You can visit the original roadside at Other useful resouces I have here:

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