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Software Downloads

Over the last couple of years, I've worked on countless small software projects and a few bigger ones (mostly for work). Most of them are things that I've created for practical purposes, but others are just silly little things.

This is a list of all the software that I have available for download here on the Virtual Roadside (well, except for the FIRST Robotics Software that I've posted elsewhere on the site). If the software is over a few months old, please drop me an email to see if I have updated the software recently or not. I've fallen behind on some of these and haven't been able to upload the newest versions yet.

I also have a github account, where I've been putting some of the source code for things that I work on. Check it out.

All of the software is released under an open source license of some kind. Those that do not contain a license are released under the following terms:

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Asynchronous wrapper for Cypress SuiteUSB .NET
Description:A wrapper for the .NET USB library provided by Cypress for its PSoC devices. This will allow you to wrap the EndPoints exposed by any CyUSBDevice, so that you can call .NET-style Begin/End asynchronous calls that use IO completion ports to work nicely and quickly.
Link:More information
Instrument (Analog Meter/Oscilloscope) Controls for C#/.NET
Description:Implements an updated analog meter and C# Oscilloscope control
Link:More information
wxWidgets Options Library Source Code
Description:This contains the source code for my wxWidgets options dialog library.
Link:More information
wxWidgets Options Library Executable
Description:Executable only for the Options library.
Link:More information
Dockable Windows Library for .NET 2.0
Description:A set of components that allows you to have a Visual Studio like feel in your application with dockable windows and other goodies.
Link:More information
R* Tree for C++
Description:A relatively simple implementation of the R* Tree data structure
Link:More information
Description:Deletes a pointer when this object goes out of scope. Useful for dealing with static initialization with the Singleton pattern in C++

Link:More information
Analog Meter Control for C#/.NET
Description:Implements a simple analog meter control. NOTE: this version has bugs in it! Use the "Instruments" download, which has an Oscilloscope and the Analog Meter in the same package.
Link:More information
Awstats/1and1 Cron Job
Description:This is a set of scripts that I created to help me automatically generate awstats statistics from the logfiles I can obtain from my web host.
Link:More information
BPM Counter Plugin for Exaile Audio Player
Description:An easy to use manual BPM counter for Exaile. Tested on Version 0.3.2
Link:More information
Download Page Generator
Description:This is the script used to generate the content of this page.
Link:More information
Description:geoHist is a (relatively) simple program I wrote to log GPS data retrieved from GPSD into a MySQL database.
Link:More information
PHP LOLCats Generator Script
Description:This script generates LOLCats. Go to the link to see a demo. GPL Licensed.
Link:More information
MBR Love Note
Description:By far the most popular piece of software I've written, this is a program that writes a "love note" to your hard drive, and displays it on bootup. This is inspired by the XKCD comic "Fight", located at: . GPLv3 source included.
Link:More information
My iptables NAT/Firewall/QoS scripts
Description:This set of Gentoo init scripts is what I use on my router at home to setup a NAT, and prevent Bittorrent or other annoying traffic from interfering with our web browsing or other essential services. GPL Licensed.
Link:More information
Notepad++ plugin to enable unindent on backspace key
Description:A notepad++ plugin to make using spaces for indentation just as easy as using tabs!
Link:More information
Obsidian theme for Visual Studio 2008
Description:Obsidian theme for Visual Studio 2008
Link:More information
onboard: Custom on screen keyboard
Description:This is a portage overlay for the Ubuntu onscreen keyboard.
Link:More information
OWS Plugin Example
Description:Example plugin and tutorial for plugin development for Obsessive Website Statistics.
Link:More information
phpExec: Remote SSH shell access via PHP
Description:This is proof of concept code to help you create a remote SSH shell via PHP. Refer to the blog article for more information.
Link:More information
Description:phpFortune is a simple AJAX-enabled wrapper around the fortune-mod and rndsay programs.
Link:More information
Description:This is a an AutoIt-based utility to rename IPP printers under Windows 2000/XP, GPLv3 source included.
Link:More information
Description:This is a wrapper around the cowsay/cowthink program and fortune. I run this script on console logins to my Linux server. :)
Link:More information
Header-only capture patch for tcpdump
Description:A patch for TCPDump 4.0.0 that allows you to capture headers only (no payload), for ethernet frames only however
Link:More information

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