A Better Linux On Screen Keyboard

I use Ubuntu Linux on my desktop, and Gentoo Linux on my server/router at home. Right now, I am in the process of installing a computer in my shiny new Grand Am (I’m going to add a few pages about that here soon), and I’ve bought a number of things for it and am in the process of installing the software for the computer. One of the items is a 7″ touchscreen.

Of course, with a touchscreen, having a nice on screen keyboard is critical. Gentoo didn’t really have anything nice, but the default keyboard installed for Ubuntu is pretty awesome! So, I’ve created a portage overlay for it, which you can download using this link here. Go to this page if you want more information on how to install packages using a portage overlay. I’ve also submitted the ebuilds to bugs.gentoo.org, and you can view that here.

If you use this, keep in mind that this is NOT an official package of any kind, so its not supported by anyone, including myself. I might help you if you’re nice, but I’m not obligated to. With that said, it should work just fine for you, it seems to be quite stable and has minimal dependencies.

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