A lesson well learned: Don’t seek() on STDIN

The neat thing about fread() and friends in most languages is that you can open up STDIN and pretend its a file. However, the following code doesn’t work.. hehe.

	$file = $argv[1];

	if ($file != '-' && !file_exists($file))
		die("File $file does not exist, foo!\n");
	if ($file == '-')
		$file = 'php://stdin';

	$f = fopen($file,'r');

	// crazy code in here

	// ok, go backwards
	fseek($f, $some_position);

	// Heh, it doesn't always work!?


Yeah, I know it seems to be quite obvious from this small snippet, but for the record the lines were specified by quite a few lines of code and I didn’t quite realize that I was doing that… lol.

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