Museum Of Bad Art

I have very mixed feelings about art. I can appreciate good art (though, not some ‘modern’ art) to some extent, but usually its just easier to make fun of it. Today I took the opportunity to go visit the Museum Of Bad Art… which had some really god-awful art in it, but was definitely quite amusing, and was a delight to make fun of. They are dedicated “to bring the worst of art to the widest of audiences”. It was only a short drive from where I’m located at, and was definitely worth the visit.

Of course, I simply HAD to take some pictures (though, they have pictures on their website as well) that I could share with you:


As you can see below, many of the pictures have amusing captions on them…


BEWARE! Fake Security Camera! Those are the worst…


This next one is by far my favorite:


And you definitely don’t want to mess with whatever this is:


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