virtualroadside is launched!

Welcome to the site! After a week or two of work, I finally have all this stuff working for the website. And what exactly is the point of the website?

I want to replace my broken car!

Thats it, pure and simple. See, my car broke down, and its not worth fixing. Since my parents don’t have jobs, its really difficult for me to get a car loan — and I don’t feel like buying a car thats going to break down come this time next year… I need some money.

I was thinking the other day that there is so much money spent on advertising every year, and a lot of it is well… not very exciting.?My goal is to provide an advertising venue that is interactive and memorable, and of course get me a decent used car. With that in mind, I intend to continue to add interesting and quirky features to this site, so that users continue to return.

Why would they come here to begin with? Because this site is?innovative and unique (have you seen any websites like this?), and most of the random websites I go to myself are because of others saying ‘hey, check this out — its odd’ or something to that effect.

Heres the deal: To get your website advertised here, all you pay is $1 per virtual square foot (10×10 pixels) for an image that is placed on the roadside on the front page. I’ll keep the ad up for at least 5 years.?If you buy multiple images, you can get them placed in sequence or next to each other. For the amount of traffic this site will be getting, thats crazy cheap!

Stay posted for more news!

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