Codepress is a javascript syntax highlighting editor, and is generally pretty nice to use. In fact, its one of the editors I include in my Onnac CMS. Its really nice to do a small edit/revision on a page. However, when I’m actually developing a site, it drives me crazy to actually use the thing to do any kind of sane development. In fact, if I’m working on something big, usually I’ll copy/paste it into Notepad++ (best windows text editor!) and work on it there and copy/paste it back. This is inefficient, which of course, probably means I need to revise the way I integrate it into the program…

However, theres three problems that really drive me batty.

  • No word wrapping
  • No auto-indent
  • Tab spacing is fixed at 8

The latter one is especially annoying, because in everything I always use 4 spaces for my tabs — yeah, I *probably* could use 4 spaces, but that would be way annoying.

Oh well. I’ve been doing my share, contributing random patches to the developer of codepress. I can’t think of a good way to get around those previous problems either — I almost had the tab problem fixed, until I remembered that it had to be aligned correctly… haha. HTML makes a lot of things really hard to do…

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  1. Justin says:

    Dustin ( I think this is your name),
    I fixed the tab problem in IE and I am trying to get it working in FF. But, I am having trouble with you setCode patch in FF. When I call it, it changes correctly, but I have to type a letter in the textarea before I can press backspace. Any ideas on this problem? Thanks for your help,


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