How to (not) announce your pregnancy

I was browsing WikiHow a few minutes ago trying to find out how to disable the Windows XP login screensaver, when I came across this ‘featured’ article: How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Some of the advice in the article made sense, but a lot of them are just ridiculous. Such as these ones:

“Take a shower together. Write on your belly in washable marker, “Baby On Board” and allow your partner to get in the shower first.”

Yeah.. I think the poor guy would fall and break his head.

“Wait for a holiday and literally “give” your partner the news. Buy a t-shirt with DADDY written on it, a baby-related keychain, a baby book, as well as a few baby items, and put them in a gift bag. Cover with tissue paper and then have him open it.”

Umm… yeah. No comment on that one.

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