What can you do with 100 bezels?

I’m always on the lookout for creative opportunities, and my latest endeavor has led me to obtain around 100 of these really neat looking plastic bezels from a local business:

Poweredge R200 Bezel (front)Poweredge R200 bezel (back)

Now, it struck me that there’s a really cool use waiting for these things, however I can’t think of anything compelling at the moment. Some ideas that I have:

  • Creating some table or shelf with them
  • Monitor stands
  • Geeky decorations

However, I’m quite sure that theres much more that can be done with these. So the burning question I ask you is… what should I do with them?

Edit: Some other suggestions I’ve received

  • Coffee table
  • Create some kind of katamari out of the dell logos
  • Duct tape based door of some kind

3 Responses to “What can you do with 100 bezels?”

  1. Joe says:

    Well, if it were me;
    Attachments on clothing
    Custom Computer Casing
    Something Steampunk
    Decorative Weaponry
    I have other ideas, but they’re a little out there.
    Seriously though, those have an awesome design. How’d you manage to come by that stuff?

  2. Katie Seif says:

    Recycle them. or make a planter?

  3. Jon Anderson says:

    Use them to build a small frame that you can attach white sheets to so you can have a nice light tent for photographing things in the future. I don’t like looking at your carpet. :-p

    Those vent holes make it easy to attach them to each other using bolts. You’ll probably want a mix of long and short ones so you can attach them facing in different directions easily.

    If you use wire to connect them you could make some sort of tensegrity tower.

    I second the custom computer case idea. Or if you get that PS3 you could rebrand it Dell.

    Do you have a key for the locks? Also, the light tent would have dispersed that highlight that made me have to google for another picture of the thing to see if that was a lock or not.

    Build a bridge.

    Build a robot that throws them at lines on the ground in order to calculate pi.

    Your desk has a glass top, maybe you could tile these underneath it, but I don’t think it would look that great.

    Make a potato cannon with a barrel precisely shaped to fire them.

    It would be pretty easy to attach them in a neat looking spiral, but I don’t know what you would do from there.

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