Swerve Drive Model Spreadsheet

Our robot this year uses a ‘swerve drive’ mechanism, with 4 independently steerable wheels. I wasn’t quite sure exactly of the best way to describe the robot’s motion in terms of basic parameters (speed, heading, rotation) , so I went google searching. I found a PPT by Ian Mackenzie talking about different types of omnidirectional drive systems, and it was extremely helpful.

After thinking about it some more,  I created this spreadsheet to help describe the motion parameters to the students I was working with. Its pretty sweet — it uses scatter plots to show the angle of each wheel and the ideal velocity to obtain the motion desired based on the speed/rotation/angle parameters of the overall robot motion. The implementation in C++ was straightforward after that, and it worked out extremely well (unfortunately there is the whole issue of controlling it intuitively with a joystick… we haven’t quite got that down yet).

Download it at my FRC resources download page

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