Beware of using Vagrant VMs on a bridged network

I love Vagrant. If you haven’t used it, Vagrant is pretty awesome. It lets you manage VMs + configurations really easily, and it’s a great development tool to use when you need to do rapid iterative development on disposable environments.

However, last week I realized that because of the way it’s implemented, all vagrant VMs share the same set of credentials to access them. Since most people only do local development with them, this is mostly ok (though it could be used to jump process boundaries and escalate privileges if you were creative and already running on the box) — however, in a bridged configuration, this is a huge security vulnerability as *anyone* on the internet could potentially use this key to SSH into your VM.

Since some of the stuff I do involves using bridged VMs, I wrote a Vagrant plugin to fix this problem. It replaces the default vagrant SSH key with one randomly generated for your user on that host. If you want to fix this security vulnerability on your vagrant installation, just do:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-rekey-ssh

Hope you find it useful! The github site for the plugin has more useful information if you want to read more.

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