Improved innovative Javascript/CSS enhanced resume

I mentioned earlier this year that I had created an enhanced resume web page for myself, by using javascript and css to display either a ‘full’ or ‘condensed’ (one-page) version of the resume, and mentioned also that it would be pretty trivial for someone to make it work for different categories if they wanted.

Well, I did just that, and you can see my newly updated innovative computer engineering javascript/CSS resume on this site now! I’ve spent a lot of this weekend working on categorizing each part, and reducing each category so that they fit into one printed page (on most systems, anyways). Its pretty unique, you should check it out.

One of the things I’ve done with this is tried to refocus it to highlight my strengths in particular areas, and focus a lot more on my security/engineering background, as opposed to just my web background. I haven’t begun my job hunt yet, but with graduation in December, that may start soon if my graduate applications don’t work out.

The entire thing is squeezed onto one page with no external javascript references, stylesheets, or whatever. Though this is generally bad form, I did it this way primarily because of I wanted it to be in a form where if I sent it to someone, then it would just be one file.

The way it works is almost a trivially simple concept: the main content of the resume has classes on most of the elements, and the class(es) are set on each element to denote which category they belong in. Then a bit of javascript shows and hides each element as needed. Its pretty neat and a relatively simple implementation, if you’re interested I’d encourage you to look at the source code: it is released under a creative commons license if you want to use it for your own resume.

And of course, the page validates correctly to proper XHTML, and I’ve tested it in in Firefox 2, IE 6/7, Opera 7+, and Netscape… and they all work pretty much the same. Viewing in Netscape 4 brings up the appropriate errors, but still degrades pretty nicely. 🙂 If your browser has any issues with it, PLEASE let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Peter says:

    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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