Updates and such

Well, I have a *ton* of things going on right now… I am very busy mentoring for a FIRST team that my company sponsors (the Kwarqs), and some important deadlines coming up at work.. and trying to get my massive updates to Roadnav integrated in.

Speaking of which, I’ve bundled all of my R* and B+ tree code into a library called libsdbx… I need to write more in depth about it, but its a nice header-only C++ library that allows usage of generic R* and B+ trees with either a memory backend or a file-based backend. Its really nice to use, but I think I’m going to hold off on releasing it in a formal package until a final release of libroadnav is created (which will definitely iron out any lingering performance issues or bugs).

Libsdbx can be found in Roadnav SVN at https://roadnav.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/roadnav/libsdbx/trunk/.

As I create neat FIRST-related stuff, I’ll be sure to post some of that up here also. I’m really excited about this open source thrust that FIRST seems to be going down lately, its definitely encouraging and makes me want to contribute.

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