Middle button in X

I’ve always been a fan of PuTTY, the Windows terminal emulator. Its extremely simple to use and is one of the main reasons I like using windows to maintain linux systems. One of the biggest things I like about PuTTY is that it allows you to copy on highlight, and paste into the window by right clicking. It saves so much time and is really easy to use.

So when I moved my desktop to Ubuntu this summer and got rid of XP, this has really been one thing that I really miss. However, I just found a blog post that explains copy/paste in X, and that a similar system actually exists system-wide, except it uses the ‘middle’ mouse button instead.

Seriously, this is an awesome feature that I did not know about, and definitely am going to take advantage of. Now I just need to remap one of the extra buttons on my mouse to be the middle one so its more convenient to use…

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