WebDMA demo video

If you read my previous post, I was talking about this new open source library I’ve created that allows you to embed a web server in your C++ application so that you could modify variables inside of it. I had created it for our FIRST Robotics team so that we could use it to tune things on our robot (and its been extremely useful for that) and use it for simple data acquisition. Of course, driving a robot is nothing more than changing variables… so I thought it would be a neat demo to set it up so that it could be driven by the web interface. 🙂

Here’s a video of our robot being controlled via the WebDMA interface:

And theres a (non-working) HTML version of the interface (though, its no longer the exact one that is on the robot, but its close) at http://www.virtualroadside.com/botface/index.html

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