Connect to RoboRIO USB on Linux

We got our RoboRIO imaged today, and my first thought was whether I could use it on Linux without needing to plug it into a network. Turns out, this is a pretty simple thing to do!

  1. Plug the RoboRIO in to your computer
  2. Identify the network device, it should be something like enp0s29u1u2
  3. Assign it an IP address like so:
    sudo ip addr add dev enp0s29u1u2

Now you need to start an DHCP server to give it an address, because FIRST didn’t give it a static address for some reason. You could modify the configuration on the RoboRIO… but let’s assume you don’t want to do that. Instead:

  1. Download this python script that acts like a DHCP server
  2. Run this:
    sudo python simple-dhcpd -a -i enp0s29u1u2 -f -t

And that’s it! When it works, you should get a message that says “Leased:”.

If it’s not working, here are some things to watch out for:

  • Make sure your firewall allows port 67 on UDP
  • Make sure dnsmasq or some similar program isn’t listening on port 67 (use “netstat -ln | grep 67” to check)

Things that would be nice to change:

  • It’d be nice if FIRST changed the usb0 device to have a static address instead of depending on dhcp
  • Probably should create a udev rule to make the network device something pretty
  • When you disconnect the device, you have to run the scripts again. Probably should set something more permanent up, but this is good enough for now

Hope this helps you out!

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