Codepress vs. Editarea

A short while ago I wrote an article discussing Codepress, and some of the problems I had with it (link to Codepress Problems). There were other issues that came up as well over the past few weeks, but I found a different javascript-based highlighter called Editarea. Editarea appears to have been around about the same amount of time as Codepress, except that it seems to be harder to find. Anyways, a short table of some of the features that they both have/don’t have.

  Codepress Editarea
Syntax Highlighting
Syntax Highlighting (web things like HTML, CSS, JS) Yes Yes
Switch syntax highlighting “On the fly” Yes No
Convienence Factors
Auto Complete Yes No
Auto Indent No Yes
Change Tab Size No No
CTRL-S support Simple patch Simple patch, has save button
Find/Replace No Yes
Indent selected blocks of text Complex patch Yes
Show Cursor Information (line, column) No Yes
Word Wrap No No
Copy/Paste Removes tabs Original Text
Speed Quick Slow
Bugs Stable Stable
Dynamic Line Numbers No Yes
Browser Support IE, Firefox, Opera IE, Firefox, Opera
Ease of integration Easy, has install notes Easy, has more documentation and options

So, who wins? Right now, I say Editarea is winning, since Find/Replace, good copy/paste, and block indenting are all critical features that you don’t realize you’re missing until they’re gone. However, I feel that in the future both editors will continue to improve significantly. Hopefully they solve the tab size problem.. 🙂

Note: While writing this, I found yet another syntax highlighting editor with no official name at . This one isn’t quite as nice looking as Editarea or Codepress, BUT it does appear to do word-wrapping nicely. I’ll have to look into it more.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m the developper of EditArea and I just want to say it is possible to replace tab by spaces with the init option ‘replace_tab_by_spaces’. And as far as I know EditArea is working with Opera 9.
    Just my 2 cents 😉

    Christophe Dolivet

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