Obsessive Web Statistics: Open Source Web 2.0 Website Statistics System

For the last month or so, I’ve been working on a new PHP/MySQL/jQuery web application that I’ve decided to call “Obsessive Web Statistics” (OWS). A project has been created on Sourceforge for it, and I’m happy to finally announce the first file release for OWS! There are a number of features about OWS that give it an advantage over existing website statistics software.

Instead of generating static HTML reports like most website statistics programs, OWS takes your Apache logfiles and puts them into a MySQL database. A dynamic jQuery driven interface with a PHP backend allows you to manipulate the data and display it in useful ways. The interface is mostly intuitive and simple to use while providing powerful options to manipulate the data. For more information, you can visit the Sourceforge page or subscribe to the obsessive-compulsive mailing list (how crazy of a name is that? LoL. FYI: Its only about development and help for OWS) . Archived version of the list is available at Sourceforge as well.


Sourceforge website: http://obsessive.sourceforge.net 

Demo Site: http://ows.mattas.net/ 

Many thanks to my friend Tony Mattas (http://www.mattas.net) for providing hosting for the OWS demo site!

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  1. BeachBum says:

    Very cool. I wrote my own PHP web stats program a few years ago. Mostly to read the referer IP and minor stuff like that. I used it ot create a master dashboard to monitor all my sites in one place. now feedburner does that for me.


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