Major Release of Obsessive Website Statistics

Note: This announcement can also be found in the obsessive-compulsive mailing list and the OWS news archives at sourceforge.

The first open source Web 2.0 website log analyzer, Obsessive Website Statistics (OWS) uses PHP and jQuery to provide a powerful and intuitive interface to manipulate website log data stored in a MySQL database via easy to create plugins.

This is a major release of OWS. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. v0.7.x is completely not compatible with v0.8, as the database structure has totally changed for performance and flexibility reasons. You will need to totally delete your old databases and upload logfiles from scratch. This is not expected to happen again in the future.

OWS v0.8 now stores its data in a multidimensional OLAP-style data schema that has shown huge performance gains for data retrieval in our initial testing, and also promises to scale better than the previous releases of OWS. Additionally, OWS plugins have been enhanced to take advantage of the new data schema, and the manual analysis option is now much more intuitive to use for individuals not familiar with SQL.

Download link for OWS
Sourceforge Project Page

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