Anatomy of a Boing Boing link using OWS

My roommate just got a page of his linked to by Boing Boing, so I just added a better heatmap function to OWS to do some better visual analysis of the hit. As you can see, the results are quite nice.

OWS Heatmap of

As you can see, the initial traffic spike peaked at 1:00pm on 9/8 with 639 visitors or so that hour, with traffic falling off until the end of the day, with another spike with people waking up at 9 or 10 the next day, and then falling back to mostly normal levels.

A more interesting observation is the spike in bot/crawler traffic, as shown below.

OWS Heatmap (bot)

Apparently people aren’t the only ones who follow links on popular sites such as Boing Boing. 🙂

This heatmap is not yet in the latest version of OWS, but it is stable and available in SVN right now. OWS will have this, which will hopefully be introduced by the weekend if I have time..

2 Responses to “Anatomy of a Boing Boing link using OWS”

  1. Joe Moody says:

    Hello, the OWS project looks promising, and I saw that you mentioned you were looking for a host to test some things out. I couldn’t find a contact link, but if you could perhaps send me an email, and let me know little bit more of what you’re looking for, I work with a hosting company who may be able to help with this.

  2. dustin says:

    Sadly, I haven’t touched OWS in years at this point. Thanks for the offer however!

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