The “Green Space” @ WMU

I haven’t been blogging much lately since I’ve been involved with a HUGE project lately protesting an ugly parking lot at my University, and its been taking up all of my time that isn’t already been taken up with schoolwork.

We created a Facebook group which has over 800 members now. The use of Facebook here has been a great collaboration tool and a good way for us to get interested volunteers to help us. Also, the viral nature of Facebook has allowed us to reach people we ordinarily couldn’t reach.

On Monday night, a group of volunteers gathered at the ugly parking lot in question and proceeded to mark EVERY element of the parking lot with its price using chalk. We also proceeded to chalk around the area to draw attention to the chalk in the parking lot.

The response has been simply phenomenal! We’ve appeared on TV, had newspaper articles, and been invited to radio shows. We’ve had students and staff tell us that not only were they amused by the project, but also that it was very informative. Its been quite a fun experience for me.

I highly recommend the website I created for it. Check it out at

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